Ayurvedic theory

The Principles of Ayurveda

Understanding the Fundamentals of Ayurveda: The Three Doshas

Every living thing is made up of five elements, including our own bodies. These five elements are the building blocks of all things in existence and make up everything physical we see around us. When it comes to living matter specifically, three forces known as doshas dictate pretty much every process there is.

Doshas are just words for “that which causes things to decay.” They’re responsible for diseases that come about when a person’s inner nature and environment aren’t aligned. 

VATA, meaning "that which moves things," is mostly air with a little bit of ether mixed in. It’s behind bodily movements and sensations like digestion, as well as mental balance and comprehension.

PITTA, meaning "that which digests things," is primarily fire, with water coming in second place. This force keeps chemical and metabolic changes happening in the body and allows us to digest ideas and impressions too.

KAPHA, meaning "that which holds things together," is basically just water with some earth. It gives our bodies strength and stability while supporting healing processes along the way.

The three doshas together regulate all life activities, including catabolism (Vata), metabolism (Pitta), and anabolism (Kapha). Too much Vata can lead to the body's defenses breaking down, too much Pitta messes with metabolism and heat production, while too much Kapha results in increased tissue growth and weight gain.

3 Doshas and their bodies

At Ayurvida Wellness and Clinic, we provide the best Ayurvedic Consultation and personalized Ayurvedic Treatments based on Dosha Analysis. 

Christianne Madrazo. Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, graduate of Mount Madonna Institute, College of Ayurveda in California, and student of Dr. Vasant Lad, one of the world’s foremost experts in Ayurveda.

AyurVida Wellness and Clinic is located in Mission Hills, San Diego, CA.


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Lisa Wood
Lisa Wood 02 July 2024

I had such a great experience with Chelly! So talented and thorough. My waxing experience was pain free and SO relaxing as well. Thank you!

Lars 28 June 2024

Today I experienced the abhyanga followed by shirodhara treatment at AyurVida Wellness from Earl. Absolute bliss. A transcendent experience. Earl is a talented CMT with a naturally healing touch and a deeply present healer who instinctively offers excellent professional sessions.

Melissa Ramirez
Melissa Ramirez 25 August 2023

Christianne has healed many people through her practices. I enjoyed the hydra facials ,peels , massages and products.

Julie Harris
Julie Harris 20 July 2022

Christianne was wonderful. My friends bought me a massage for my birthday and I loved every minute of my treatment

Michelle Janine
Michelle Janine 18 April 2022

Ayurveda + Christianne have absolutely changed my life. I was struggling with fatigue, gut health, dry eyes, achey joints, etc. And also had dermatitis around my face and mouth and couldn't figure out how to heal it. After one visit with Christianne, she was able to get me on track with the correct diet for my Pitta dosha along with herbal supplements to support my detox. I felt better within 1-2 weeks of following her guidance - it was seriously MAGIC. I had energy again, all of my dermatitis went away, and I just felt alive for the first time in a long time. She has helped me to understand how foods and emotions affect the body and how to keep myself in balance. And she helped me to release some guilt/grief I had been storing for years. Ayurveda is very gentle and is a true mind and body detox. Would highly recommend Christianne!!

Rena Minisi
Rena Minisi 26 February 2022

i have been going to Ayurvida for several years. Christianne gives the best facials. She also has incredible products. It is a very relaxing setting and I highly recommend Ayurvida.

Patricia 01 December 2021

Christianne is wonderfully intuitive and has a healing touch full of positive energy. My shirodhara experience opened my spirit and helped me embrace my journey, self and others with more love and compassion.

Natalia Oteiza
Natalia Oteiza 09 October 2021

Christianne has magic hands! The place has an amazing energy! Definitely recommend 100%