Ayurvedic Treatments and Massage

Our Ayurvedic services and massages are grounded in traditional Ayurvedic science and work to balance the mind-body connection. Christianne Madrazo Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner offers various services that include Ayurvedic healing treatments to help cleanse the body and find your inner balance with Abhyanga, Shirodhara, breathing techniques (pranayama) and more. FOR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE TEXT ME @ 619-637-0201

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Ayurvedic Treatments and Massage

Heart Basti

$ 90 | 45 MIN

Lighten the heaviness in your heart. To nourish and strengthen the heart chakra, rose & saffron infused warmed ghee is contained directly over the heart. Strengthens cardiac muscles and rejuvenates the respiratory system. Relieves deep seated grief. Also, very good for treating anxiety and stress.


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Netra Basti (Nourishing Eye Treatment)

$ 90 | 45 MIN

A restorative & preventative eye treatment in which each eye bathes one at a time in a pool of warm ghee (clarified butter). Benefits: relieves tension in and around the eyes and smoothest away wrinkles, balances VATA, lubricates dry, itchy eyes.  Also, very good for treating anxiety and stress.

AyurVida Luxurious Massage

$ 120 | 60 MIN

Luxuriously relaxing and blissfully comforting, Abhyanga massage offers a range of health benefits that will enhance your everyday life. This highly soothing Ayurvedic massaging technique will help dissolve accumulated stress and toxins, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and relax the vital nerve centers, leaving you energized.  We use of special oils designed to the individual’s Dosha or to address a  present imbalance.

Spinal Basti (Lumbar Sacral Rejuvenation)

$ 110 | 60 MIN

Warmed Mahanarayan Oil (a potent combination of over 100 Ayurvedic herbs) is contained over the spine in segments. Especially helpful for back pain and stiffness by restoring lubrication to the joints. Also, very good for treating anxiety and stress.

Marma Therapy Massage

$ 100 | 60 MIN

Acupressure massage and herbal oils are used to unblock the energy pathways in the body called Marmas. This is a very relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.

Ashma Sweda ā€“ Hot stone massage

$ 100 | 60 MIN

This specialized massage with hot stones dates back to Vedic times and it was known as Ashma sweda. During this therapy, the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they focus on other parts of the body. Penetrating heat of the stones releases the deep-seated toxins, help warm up tight muscles, and makes one feel rejuvenated.


$ 135 | 60 MIN

Enjoy a relaxing shoulder and neck massage before you enter the timeless space created by a Shirodhara treatment. As warm herbal oil flows constantly over the third eye area of your forehead, you relax deeper and deeper with each breath. Shirodhara has a profound impact on the nervous system. That means, the treatment directly and immediately calms, relaxes and has a healing effect on the nerves and mind. The gentle pressure and calming warmth of the oil allow the mind, body, nervous system and spirit to experience a deep state of rest, similar to meditation. This treatment is recommended for treatment of high vata symptoms which include feelings of fearfulness, anxiety, worry and sleeplessness, hypertension and impotence.

Swedana (Therapeutic steam after Abhyanga)

$ 60 | 20 MIN

For centuries, the world’s great healers considered heating the body a potent and important technique for improving health. Because of the therapeutic application of heat to the body, skin is exercised, opening the pores and toxins are naturally moved out of the body. Swedana helps in deep relaxation of mind and body, energetic & youthful look and warm, soft, hydrated skin.

Lepan ā€“ Body wrap

$ 130 | 60 MIN

Body wrap is a therapy where you are slathered with a body mask made of custom tailored herbal paste then wrapped for 20 minutes to keep you warm. Later the product is rinsed off. The body wrap usually ends with an application of lotion (technically not a massage). This body wrap treatment is sometimes called a body cocoon or body mask. It is normally a detox treatment that helps body to get rid of toxins through metabolic stimulation; helps melt subcutaneous fat in a healthier way and gives excellent exfoliation. Depending of your needs steam may be applied.